Wednesday, January 26, 2011


On the 4th anniversary of her death January 27, 2011, Marcheline Bertrand's life is celebrated with this series of photos, many of which have never been seen before. May she rest in peace as the star she really is. She is missed by many people.
Of all the deaths I've gone through within my Family I thought I would be better at embracing loss. Not being with my Sister 4 years now, and my Brother nearly 2 years, life doesn't become easier. It never will. My heart hurts and I just have to learn to slowly walk with my wounds, step by step, with a hole in my heart, yet carrying cherished memories which keep me whole and holds me up day by day.
I thank God for my Grandchildren as I now see the souls of my Family through their smiles, hugs, and loving eyes. I see you Marche! I see you Raleigh!
I love you so dearly. Forever and ever, your Sis, Deb xoxoxoxo