Monday, February 4, 2008

A SISTER MISSED - Debbie Martin

To my precious sister and mentor. We shared our first bed together and we shared our first haircut at five (thanks to your gum in that bed!) You are my secret admirer, my Flash Gordon and my comforter through all our family losses since 10 years old and on, and on. We shared double dates and deep secrets. We shared our pregnancy's together and our children loving each other. You saved my life in 2004. We even shared becoming Grandmere's together in 2006. My memories of us will help mend my bleeding heart. I will feel your wings on my shoulders as you whisper to me, "It's so beautiful Here! One day our eyes will meet again and we will embrace, my little sister."

Even death won't get in the way of the love I hold so deeply in my heart for My Sister.

Debbie Martin - Escondido, California

A Brother's Wish -Raliegh Bertrand

My prayers are with my sister. I hope God makes her an
angel so she can look over us all. It hurts so very
much and I can't make the pain go away.

Raleigh Bertrand - Southern California


I met Marcheline in my acting class. She was the star on stage. Everyone was magnetized by her beauty and strength. We became instant friends. At lunch one day she told me about her mother’s death, how her marriage was falling apart, and about a baby that she had miscarried. A few short weeks later I was involved in a car accident. My car was hit by a drunk driver. My face was slammed thru the wind shield. Marcheline gave me a place to live while going thru reconstructive surgery. Her children came to call me ‘Aunt Jade” When her marriage was over I helped her find an attorney for the divorce. We double dated and shared all the secrets best friends share. She took me to the playboy mansion and introduced me to Hef, Which changed my life! We went on auditions together and dreamed of being stars. When I gave birth it was Marcheline on the phone giving me instructions on how to breast feed. She was kind enough to be Godmother to both of my children. Her children are the lasting legacy to a warm loving caring generous woman. She was a tower of strength in the quietest way. I know Heaven exists because I know one day I will walk with my best friend again. This planet is a better place because of Marcheline .. She is the brightest star in the heavens. I will always be grateful for this time on earth to have known her and look forward to seeing her beautiful face again in heaven.
Jade Clark-Dixon

Gathering To Remember Marcheline

Saturday September 1, 2007 - Roxbury Memorial Park in Beverly Hills, California. Family and friends gather to pay tribute to Marcheline. In attendance were sister Debbie Martin with husband Ron and son Corey. Also paying their respects were brother Rolland Bertrand with son Francis, Jon Voight, John Trudell, Lauren Taines, Belinia Beatty, Jade Dixon with daughter Barbie, Cis Rundele, and Bill Day.

Jon Voight arrived with a rose bush at a spot not far from where Marcheline lived for many years. The group planted the rose bush, then held hands in a circle and spoke about Marcheline for close to 1 hour. Marcheline's sister Debbie also presented a beautiful homemade quilt that was embroidered with family photos. Marcheline passed away nearly eight months prior to this gathering, but the sense of loss and sorrow was still felt strongly by her loving family and friends.

We Will Miss You - Norma Poucher

My cousin Marcheline was born in a small town in
Illinois where most of our immediate families lived.
When the move to California separated us bodily we
still kept in touch by mail with letters of love and
sharing of our daily lives.

She lived a tragic and yet joyous life. Her mother
passed away at the tender age of 45 and she lost her
father at the age of 62. God blessed her with a
daughter and son whom she cherished more than life
itself. Her most important role was being a loving
mother to both of them.

She lived long enough to see her grandchildren. They
and we who knew and loved her now have a special Angel
to watch over and guide us.

We will always miss and love you.

Your cousin,
Norma Parent Poucher
Ocala, Florida


I recently came across this photo of my mom, Eleanor Kaptur, who was Marchelines cousin, and Godmother. If you like to add it to the website, great.

Karen Kaptur Jasnoch


This is a video made for Marcheline around 1980. It was edited from a film called Borderline by filmmaker Ramon Mendendez. The tape was used to show Marcheline's talents to agents and producers.