Saturday, February 3, 2007

A Cousin -Marian Ziegler

I am Marian Kaptur Ziegler, cousin of Marcia. My Mother, Eleanor Kaptur was Marcia's Godmother, she loved Marcia and her family very much. When Marcia visited our family many years ago, she whispered something in my Mom's ear which caused her to become teary eyed. After Marcia left, we asked her what she whispered and my Mom said that Marcia was pregnant. She was pregnant with Jamie.

One of my Mom's most cherished photos was her and Marcia when she was about 18 during our visit to Marcia's family in California. I now have that photo and it brings back fond memories.

Marcia brought much joy and happiness to my Mom, especially in my Mom's later years. I am sure that Marcia is among the angels in heaven waiting to be joined with the rest of her earthly family.

Love and prayers to Marcia's family and to all that love her.

Marian Kaptur Ziegler
Portage Michigan, Formerly of Riverdale, Illinois

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