Monday, February 4, 2008


I met Marcheline in my acting class. She was the star on stage. Everyone was magnetized by her beauty and strength. We became instant friends. At lunch one day she told me about her mother’s death, how her marriage was falling apart, and about a baby that she had miscarried. A few short weeks later I was involved in a car accident. My car was hit by a drunk driver. My face was slammed thru the wind shield. Marcheline gave me a place to live while going thru reconstructive surgery. Her children came to call me ‘Aunt Jade” When her marriage was over I helped her find an attorney for the divorce. We double dated and shared all the secrets best friends share. She took me to the playboy mansion and introduced me to Hef, Which changed my life! We went on auditions together and dreamed of being stars. When I gave birth it was Marcheline on the phone giving me instructions on how to breast feed. She was kind enough to be Godmother to both of my children. Her children are the lasting legacy to a warm loving caring generous woman. She was a tower of strength in the quietest way. I know Heaven exists because I know one day I will walk with my best friend again. This planet is a better place because of Marcheline .. She is the brightest star in the heavens. I will always be grateful for this time on earth to have known her and look forward to seeing her beautiful face again in heaven.
Jade Clark-Dixon


Anonymous said...

You were right. Marcia was a light in the darkness. She was a good friend of one of my closest childhood friends in LA and I met her before her daughter was born. When my friend passed away in an accident Marcia was living on the East Coast and she wrote my friend's family beautifully comforting letters. Her kindness has never been forgotten. Her children are the lasting legacy of what a beautiful soul she had been. A lot of people who knew her can still feel the warmth and gratitude for having met her in their lives.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Last year in November I was looking at some of her old photos and was feeling sad about her untimely departure, I really felt for her children. The next morning something told me to go to one of the hotels (where I sometimes take afternoon tea in London), not knowing what to expect I went in the afternoon anyway. While walking up and down the street I saw three guys lingering across the street so I asked them if they were what they called paparazzi (they laughed)and who they were expecting ... it was Marcia's daughter... whom I have never met since she was born. Never could have believed what I did that day - I waited patiently outside the hotel (should have got inside & sat down...) until I saw her daughter coming out with her partner. Didn't I feel Marcia strongly in her daughter? I also felt her daughter's sadness, little did I realize that that day Angie wept a little when being interviewed- so I was told (I do not have a TV and I have no interest in show business or celebrities)... I was so happy to have a glimpse of Marcia's 'little' daughter, it was as if she was directing me to 'meet her daughter'. Pity I didn't have the chance to talk to Angie but I didn't think it was the right time nor right place to do so...
One thing Marcia's children need to know is that she has never left them. It was just a change of form. They could sense her around and continue communication!